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Kids Bootcamp

It will be a mini version of what you may do at 1 More Rep, except more fun. Your child will train in different physical skills (push ups, sit ups, squats), along with fun competitions and opportunities to associate with other kids. Each week your child will be challenged to get a little better physically while encouraged to step out of the box by trying new activities. The kids will work in groups and/or individually to complete each tasks or circuit.

Classes will run in six week sessions for $99. Ages 8-9-10 will have class on Tuesdays and ages 11-12-13 will have classes on Thursdays, both classes will start at 4:30 PM and end at 5:20 PM. 


Parents can train while you wait.  Sign up for our CLIMB & Tone class.

A 40 minute class where you will rotate from the versaclimber to a toning exercise each minute.  

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