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The evolution of full body exercise
Less time high intensity: more results

Get ready for a 30 minute, calorie BLASTING, group training EXPERIENCE, like no other.....CLIMB!
The Versaclimber uses your upper and lower body together unlike no other workout. Most machines give you some kind of momentum, the Versaclimber gives you no momentum, therefore forcing your body to do all of the work.

Because the Versaclimber is also a low impact machine, you will be putting little to no stress on your bones and joints, which lowers the risk of injury that most people experience in other group-training classes. The Versa Climber utilizes movement progression that is innate to the human body (crawling, walking, running, and climbing), which leaves you better equipped to perform the natural requirements of daily life. You will sweat. You will gain strength in the mind and body while creating a more balanced body.



Expect 30 minutes of high intensity, non-stop climbing. This class will leave you feeling like you just completed a marathon. You will not want to go longer than 30 minutes, trust us! You will climb between 1500-4000 ft. This class uses the beat of the music to create the tempo and rhythm of the class. All fitness levels are welcome.


DROP IN: $18

5 Classes: $90   ($18 Per Class)

10 Classes + 1 Free: $160   (14.54 Per Class)

20 Classes + 3 Free: $280   ($12.17 Per Class)

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